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Coolbrella : Hands-Free Reversible Umbrella

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With an extraordinary inverted mechanism, this magic umbrella forms a waterproof cone when closed, i.e traditional an umbrella closes upside down and inside out, whereas this umbrella uses the reversible mechanism. The unique double layer system folds the top "wet" layer into the under "dry" layer which prevents water from dripping, keeping the floor or the car dry.

The Coolbrella is intelligently and incredibly independent. With a simple click of the embedded button, it is easy to open and close the umbrella in confined spaces when entering or exiting a building or car. It does not require a holder to stand, as it stands on its own. You can easily put it aside and there's no need to place it against something.

The most striking feature of this umbrella is the C-shape handle that can be easily fixed to your forearm, making your hands free for holding a baby, bag or mobile in the rain. Extremely easy and convenient to use, the umbrella's double-spokes frame design scatters the wind stream effectively, so no worry about the embarrassing umbrella-flip moments. The aethe rodynamic designof the umbrella adjusts to the most comfortable position in the wind, which makes it exceptionally agreeable to use, even in strong gales.

Moreover, it is windproof, anti-UV ray, and can be used during rainy as well as sunny days. The double layer cloth cover makes the umbrella extremely durable.


    • Reverse folding design
    • Comfortable C-shaped hand grip
    • Dries off quickly
    • Handle to helps the umbrella stand on its own
    • Takes up lesser space than regular umbrellas
    • Windproof & anti-UV ray
    • Double layer cloth
    • Features double-spoke frame
  • Simple click button opening


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