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Credit Card Sized Pocket Unisex Raincoat

₹. 35.00 ₹. 50.00
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 First credit card sized flexible raincoat.

Designed to fit your Wallet, Pocket or Anywhere.

The raincoat comes inside the card and it will protect you from your head to your knees during a storm Rain card was designed to fit in your wallet, your pocket or anywhere.


Designed to keep it as another credit card in your wallet, so it will be always with you to protect you from the rain. 

A great alternative to carry a heavy raincoat while you travel. Perfect for hiking and camping gear. Unisex Plastic Flexible Raincoat is Great For Events, Parties, Weddings, Festivals Or Just To Avoid A Dousing From An Unexpected Shower.

  • First Credit Card Sized Flexible Raincoat .
  • Compact, light and easy to carry .
  • One size fits all unisex .



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