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Pet Grooming Gloves

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Does your pet shed everywhere and leave a mess?

As a pet owner, it’s very important to keep your pet’s coat and skin health with regular brushing. However, using a standard grooming tool cannot remove all the hair, and they aren’t very comfortable for your pet. Pet Grooming Gloves can solve the problem perfectly. 2-in-1 grooming gloves design can clean the pet hair more efficient without skin hurt simultaneously.

With the Pet Grooming Gloves, you can pet and groom your hair companions at the same time!

🐶 Works On All Types Of Fur - Long, short, medium, curly… the Pet Grooming Gloves is undefeated. If you’ve got more than one pet, use it on them all.

🐶 One size fits all - Don’t worry that your hand is too big or too small. The Pet Grooming Gloves is made to stretch, so it can slip over any hand no matter the size.

🐶 Therapeutic & Relaxing - Pets simply love being brushed! The loose hair will be clumped into a neat layer on the Pet Grooming Gloves for an easy & satisfactory removal. 

Pet Grooming Gloves are perfect for all coat types including short hair, long hair, and even wet or dry hair.

When you’re all done, simply wash the Pet Grooming Gloves and let it dry under the sun!

What can you do with our pet hair remover glove? 

🐶 Grooming and shedding your pets

🐶 Make your pet hair for smooth look

🐶 Remove the loose fur, dust and dirt from your pets

🐶 Take a comfortable and relaxing massage for your pets

🐶 Keep the falling hair peel off from furniture, drapery, carpeting, etc 

🐶 Help your pet blood circulation. Our pet Grooming Glove with soft silicone helps stimulate the healthy oils on the skin that can enhance the softness and radiance of their coat

100% Reusable | Eco-friendly


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